Minimize About Argo Computing Services

Argo Computing Services was founded by Mr. Boris Petukhov in 1998. Since then participants of the company have been  involved in numerous E-Commerce Implementations for a range of Australian clients across various industry sectors:



    • Telecommunication
    • Education
    • Finance - Lending
    • Finance – Wealth Management / Trading
    • Finance - Insurance / Payroll
    • Health
    • Retail
    • Transport and Logistics
    • Manufacturing
    • Utilities

    Over a number of years we have witnessed how some E Commerce efforts were successful and others were not. We know what it takes to get a system working.


    Since the establishment of the company, we have invested in a number of R&D projects. As a result, we have developed a number of components, which can now be utilised in more complex products such as: Security, Content Management Systems, Electronic Forms, Workflow, Scheduling algorithms and others. These components belong to Argo Computing Services, and like building blocks, can be adapted to deliver our clients with customised solutions.

    A list of products we currently offer to our clients include:

    • Form Designer
    • Argo DC Portal® - on-line data capture
    • Direct Debit Portal – on-line lending/payment system
    • Small Business Portal – on-line business directory
    • Financial Lending Portal
    • Argo CRM
    • Argo RMS – resource management system
    • Time Tabling – scheduling engine
    • Argo Infra – Integration Framework
    • Argo Mobile 


Why Argo?

  • We have been in this business for 15 years
  • We possess a cross Industry Sector Expertise
  • We possess a cross Technology Expertise
  • We offer an extensive set of products
  • We offer an extensive set of services
  • Our client Solutions are built on the back of extensive Argo R&D, Products and Services
  • Argo is fully Australian owned company
  • The bulk of service delivery activities are conducted in Australia
  • We specialise in complex and challenging initiatives
  • Our initiatives are business benefit driven