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It very important to satisfy the needs of the guests and ensure they have a pleasant stay, in order to increase the likelihood of their return in the future.

In order to stay competitive in the ever changing and challenging environment, hotels need to provide services of the highest standard.

It is also crucial to be informed and to understand what visitors expect from their hospitality service providers.

With DC Portal® hotels can establish and maintain a two way communication channel with their customers.


Sample Business Case

The Harmon Group Hotels need to find out what features and services their customers liked and which they disliked or did not care about.

An online questionnaire can be created and published with DC Portal®.

Guests complete it online.

The Survey Managers can access this important information within a few days (a few hours to create and publish the survey, a few days online, a few hours to analyze the results).

It is also worth noting that the customers who complete the survey like the fact that their opinion counts and are more likely to return to The Harmon Group Hotels, and recommend their services to others.

The result:

  • The hotel managers have information to help them to make their features and services more attractive to customers
  • The guests appreciate that their opinions count
  • This process is a step towards developing a long term relationship with the customer, thus potentially creating a new level of loyalty.

Through the use of DC Portal® all parties are able to benefit.

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