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Direct Funds Pty Ltd is a company that on average processes approximately 10,000 hard copy forms from its clients a year.


In the past, Direct Funds would provide a PDF document for people to print, complete, sign and send back to them. Each of these forms would then have to be manually re-entered into the system. Over time the company noticed this method was quite problematic for several reasons:

  • A lot of employees’ time was taken up with data entry, rather than being used more productively elsewhere
  • The accuracy of the data may be compromised as you cannot ensure that the respondent enters appropriate information (i.e. a valid phone number is entered)
  • This process was inefficient


Furthermore this way of processing the forms proved to be quite costly –

If within one hour 8 forms are processed, by an employee who costs the company $60 per hour, then it will cost the company $75,000 for that employee to process 10,000 forms over one year. To reduce the cost of processing these forms, while making this business more efficient and innovative, we put this form online for them.


How does this work?


We… Recreated and published the form on the internet


Direct Funds…


  • Distributed the link to potential respondents – i.e. via a newsletter, website etc.
  • Monitor who, & how many people complete the form before it’s mailed back
  • Have the completions on their database automatically – no need for data entry!
  • Simply match up the entries already in the database with the signed hard copies.


Direct Funds Respondents…


  • Follow the link, complete and submit the form online
  • Print out a PDF – with their answers carried across
  • Sign the form and send it off



 Not only were they able to automatically store the accurate completions on their database, avoid unnecessary and time consuming data entry, while still obtaining the respondent’s signature, but Direct Funds saved tens of thousands of dollars.

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