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With every year society becomes more focused on cutting edge technology and our business processes become more and more sophisticated. Regardless of whether or not a student is seeking to enter the IT industry they must be familiar with the latest technology and trends applicable to today’s dynamic and challenging business environment.

It is a known fact that online surveys are used to establish and maintain a two way communication channel with business audiences. That, in itself is a bonus of the system, if we consider that more and more business are moving away from short term transactional interactions, and moving into long term relationships with their customers. Some audiences that may be approached with our service include:

  • Potential Customers
  • Current Customers
  • Potential Suppliers
  • Current Suppliers
  • Staff

Ability to create, publish on-line surveys and analyze the information collected would be a great skill for the students to learn.   

DC Portal® can be used as a tool to educate students about the process of effective online data collection, which they can then utilize further in their careers.


Sample Business Case

A University would like to include some units regarding on-line surveys creation, publishing and results analysis into the Business Marketing degree.

The DC Portal® is used to provide a framework which allows each student to run their own on-line survey.

The result:

  • Students are more competent and prepared for future challenges
  • University gets a competitive advantage, as others do not offer this unit
  • Teaching staff get more satisfaction from their job knowing that they teach cutting edge technologies and skills


Thus using DC Portal® leads to greater achievement and satisfaction.

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