Minimize Dedicated DC Portal® Package

For just $24,000* you will have access to a dedicated server that runs a DC Portal®  application for twelve months.  As a bonus we will include 20 DIY form manager licenses that normally have a total value of $6,000.

This package will cover:

  1. 12 months on the dedicated server. This includes a separate set of software and hardware, personal branding, as well as full ownership of data and form designs.
  2. 20 Form Manager licenses
  3. DIY DC Portal®. This allows survey managers to create up to 40 forms, with up to 5000 responses for each form for the duration of the package (in this case, 12 months).
  4. Ongoing  technical support**

For just $24,000*, this package is great value for money. As with all of our packages, and services, you will not have to purchase any additional software or hardware to use DC Portal®. Read more about all the features and benefits we offer.

*GST will be added to all prices, for all Australian customers

**Support is provided for problems of a technical nature, such as system availability and performance, specified functionality working as per descriptions.

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