Minimize Essential Data Collection Package

Are you a new company just starting up, or already a well established one? Either way The Essential Data Collection package will help you cut costs, and use your resources more effectively. For just $2,000* we will create and publish any 3 forms and 2 surveys you need. We will also host and support** your forms for a full year. It is easier than ever before to improve your efficiency.

If you are tight for time, or would like someone to help you streamline your businesses and improve efficiency, this is the package for you.  Cut costs, both in the short, and long term by putting some common forms online, such as enrolment and supplier order forms or feedback surveys. With the Essential Data Collection Package we will do most of the work for you by:

  1. Creating and publishing any three forms***, based on templates you provide in the form of an MS Word document
  2. Creating and publishing any two surveys***, based on templates you provide in the form of an MS Word document
  3. Hosting your forms for a full year
  4. Allowing you access to results at any time
  5. Providing ongoing support

As with all of our packages, and services, you will not have to purchase any additional software or hardware to use DC Portal. Read more about all the features and benefits we offer.

*GST will be added to all prices, for all Australian customers.

**Support is provided for problems of a technical nature, such as system availability and performance, specified functionality working as per descriptions.

***Each form can have a maximum of:

  • 2 pages
  • 25 fields per page

For further information give us a call on (03) 8562-2245, or send us an email at