Minimize Argo DC Portal® - SaaS

Data collection is a critical aspect of any successful business. By conducting research a company gains a better understanding of its customers, from demographics to needs and wants. This valuable information can be used to design and deliver a better offering, and in turn, improve customer satisfaction.

DC Portal® - is a two way communication tool which allows users to create and publish on-line data capture instruments:

·         On-line Surveys and Questionnaires
·         Event Registration forms
·         Job Application forms
·         Student Enrolment forms
·         RFQ, EOI, RFP
·         Process guidance applications
·         WEB screens prototypes for software development projects
·         Market research campaigns
·         Service requests and on-boarding forms
·         Customer feedback
All of these initiatives are launched without any involvement of the IT Development teams.
DC Portal® can be integrated with the core IT systems.
It can be packaged, distributed and configured in any manner suitable to the clients.
DC Portal® technology helps organisations to:
  • Publish data capture instruments.
  • Enable Communication Channels
  • Streamline and Automate Business Processes
  • Integrate Disparate Systems
  • Improve Business Intelligence.
Local support and customization are just a few reasons why our clients come back.
Please contact us to get more info and find how your data capture related problems will be solved.