Minimize Financial Lending Portal

Financial Lending Portal application is designed to manage a loan book for organisations wanting to provide retail financial credit to Australian corporations and consumers in the areas of products secured by residential property, automotive vehicles and also unsecured credit facilities.


If you would like to engage into the above described financial services and require back office and information management system to support those activities and be fully compliant with various Australian laws and regulations give us a call.


The following modules are implemented:

  • Originations
  •  Settlements
  • Repaymens
  • Account closure
  • Early Repayments
  • Defaults
  • Repossessions
  • Reports
  • Credit bureau integration
  • Security lookup integration
  • Broker management
  • Supplier management



Why Argo Financial Lending Portal?



  • Developed in Australia
  • Hosted in Australia
  •  Administered in Australia
  • Compliant with Australian laws and regulations
  • End-to-End digital financial lending business solution
  • Various Security Types (unsecured, property, vehicle, boat, etc)
  • Various customer types (consumer, corporate)
  • Various Payment Structure (
    •  fixed and variable rates,
    • princ+int, int only,
    • scheduled only, ad-hoc,
    • loan terms (3 years - 30 years),
    • application fee, legal fee, settlement fee, valuation fee, service fee, early termination fee, exit fee, etc.)
  • Various Frequency types (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  • Full set of reports
  • Convenient pricing model