Minimize Event Organizers

Recently we attended an expo in China, showcasing several hundred, if not more than a thousand expeditors. The physical presence of the participants was very limited (just 2 days). In this tight time frame we were not able to complete our research and make contact with the desired expeditors and so asked the even organizers for a list of companies involved with relevant contact information as well as lists of their products. Unfortunately we were not able to access these as there were no longer any copies left, so we agreed that for a fee we would be sent a CD with all the relevant information on it. Several months later we received the CD, which turned out to have little to none of the information we were after, and of little value in the end.

All of the delay, cost and inconvenience could have been avoided if the expo that offered an additional service:

An on-line directory of the Expo’s participants, contact details and their products/services
  • Such a service would greatly expand the exhibitors’ presence in terms of time, as this valuable information may be available before, during and after the expo. As well as this, geography would no longer be an issue– it would be easy to access this information regardless of where your are and therefore benefit everyone involved.
  • When a company/exhibitor registers for the event they can provide all necessary information on-line
  • Event Organizers may choose to advertise the on-line directory a few months in advance to increase the level of interest from potential visitors
  • Potential visitors can start learning about the expo a few months before the actual event
  • After the event the directory can be kept on-line for those who could not get the information needed earlier

All of the above and more is supported by the Small Business Portal – On-line Business Directory