Minimize Ways To Streamline & Automate

Three strategies that can be used to steamline and automate your businesses processes might include:


This strategy involves looking your current processes carefully and deciding if each step involved, is indeed necessary. Diagram 1 below illustrates that originally, in order to complete just one processes, the time & attention of five employees was required. Diagram 2 shows this process reworked to only involve two employees. This means that the business now has three employees who can focus on other matters, thereby increasing their effeciency.


Diagram 1: Prior to Rationalisation


Diagram 2: After Rationalisation


'Push Out'

'Push Out' is another strategy that looks to delegate various steps of a process to external parties, in order to allow internal staff to monitor the flow of work, and make them more available for other tasks. Diagram 3 illustrates a process that previously involved mostly internal staff, whereas Diagram 4 shows us how much more efficent staff become by utilising their other resources, including the system and the customer.

Diagram 3: No 'Push Out'


Diagram 4: Process With 'Push Out'



By involing and relying more on your systems you will find that your business process will run more smoothly, while freeing up other resources such as your staff, and reallocating them to other tasks. Diagram 5 illustrates what a particular process looked like when staff members were responsible for each step, while Diagram 6 shows how effective automation can be in improving the effeciency of the business.

 Diagram 5: No Automation

Diagram 6: Automation in place