Minimize On-line On-line Enrolment Froms - Benefits

  •  The information is only entered once, no need for the staff to retype hand written forms.
·         The same bits of data do not have to be provided many times in different forms (First Name, Last Name, etc.) as we can pre-fill them.
·         Forms do not have to be faxed. We save on paper and call costs.
·         Conditional Flow logic insures that only fields relevant to a given scenario are completed (i.e. overseas student information, siblings’ information, etc.)
·         Completed Forms can be signed. See the Printer Friendly feature.
·         Enrolment Form can be integrated with Payment Gateways to allow for fee collection.
·         Time to Market and very little IT effort.
·         Paper is saved. The process is greener.
·         Data is valid and completed in full.
·         Information is collected over the Internet (from anywhere, anytime, by anybody).