Minimize DC Portal® - Outsourced Shared Managed Service



Shared Managed Service (many clients use one portal, it is an entry level data collection service)

An outsourced solution allows the client to have access to the final results, without having to interact with the system.

This is our more advanced level of DC Portal® service as it allows you to get a service tailored to your specific circumstances. Under this arrangement we will run the entire Data Capture campaign which may include:


  • Developing the Data Capture Instrument
  • Putting it in the DC Portal system
  • Keeping it on-line
  • Sourcing the Respondents
  • Notifying the Respondents
  • Providing a Telephone support for the Respondents
  • Analysing the Results
  • Preparing Quantitative and Qualitative Reports



In addition to all the main benefits of the DC Portal®, the Outsourced Shared Managed Service:

  • Is a cost effective service of data collection.
  • Does not require any additional software or hardware to be purchased and maintained
  • Does not require our clients to be registered with the Portal
  • Allows the customer to rely on the professionals performing all the needed tasks for them


As this is a very job specific service the pricing will be determined on a “per case” basis.