Minimize DC Portal® - Tender Automation

Need to set your own rules of engagement with the suppliers?
Need  an On-line Form tailored to a given purchase?
Need to speed up the short listing process?

Argo Tender Automation - is a service that we offer to local and overseas clients to help them with streamlining their tender and procurement processes.

Every dollar we save in procurement goes straight into your profits.  

The service includes: 

  • Data Capture Tool Development. We’ll work with you and design web enabled data entry forms and publish them on-line
  • WEB Hosting. We’ll host the application on-line for an agreed period to allow potential suppliers to submit their bids.
  • Delivery of the Result Data Set. Once the information from the suppliers is collected we’ll take the form off line and send you the result data set for your analysis and final selection of the best bidder.
  • If required we can extend the service and help you with other aspects of your tender process
    • source the list of potential vendor
    • notify them of the newly open tender
    • analyse and present the collected data

Pricing Information

The pricing model is flexible and simple. Our clients pay for the service we provide based on:

  • Number of fields published
  • Number of pages published
  • Number of days the form is on-line
  • Number of responses collected
  • Number of hours we spend on additional work Results analysis Result presentation Web Design and art work

The starting package for this service is valued at AUD $1,200.00 + GST and includes:

  • Registration
  • Custom built RFQ/EOI/RFT form
  • 2 pages implemented in both HTML and PDF format (additional pages will cost $100.00 each)
  • 40 data fields (additional fields will cost $20.00 each)
  • Hosting the form On-line for 12 months 

Note. Pricing may change. It is OK to change your mind and request changes to the forms for additional fee before the instrument is published. GST will be added to the amounts when work is performed for Australian Clients. The pricing is applicable to the DC Portal® Shared Managed Service. Up to 1000 responses per year are allowed for this package. In addition to the above we could provide sourcing of potential vendors and their notification, advanced art work, requirements analysis, result set analysis and presentation.