Minimize DC Portal® - WEB Forms

Need to create and publish WEB Forms?
Need to improve accuracy and completeness of information collected?
Need to eliminate double data entry?

WEB Forms (aka Cloud Forms) 

  • Ad-hoc WEB Forms
  • Argo Tender Automation – RF(X)
  • On-line Job Advertisements
  • On-line Enrolment
  • Event Registration and Payments Processing
  • Hosting and Administration
  • Application Support
  • User Training
  • Customisation  to fit client’s branding
  • Customisation to  integrate with other client’s systems
  • Customisation to implement new features

To streamline and automate the data collection process Argo offers our WEB Forms for local and overseas clients. Argo has been successfully implementing data collection instruments for Higher Education, Private Schools, Banks, Utilities and NFP organisations since 2001.

Many organisations use custom built web forms to publish data capture instruments. IT Departments (internal or external) need to go through the full Software Development Lifecycle to enable those. This process creates the following issues:


  • Custom development of web enabled database applications are time consuming to develop, test and deploy to Production Environments.
  • Initiatives are usually very costly.
  • The time and cost involved are initially difficult to establish and therefore tend to increase against  the original proposals
  • Once an instrument is created and published it is difficult to apply changes in the future

Pricing Information 

The pricing model is flexible and simple. Our clients pay for the service we provide based on:

  • Number of fields published
  • Number of pages published
  • Number of days the form is on-line
  • Number of responses collected
  • Number of hours we spend on additional work Results analysis Result presentation Web Design and art work

The starting package for this service is valued at AUD $1,200.00 + GST and includes:

  • Registration
  • Custom built Enrolment form
  • 2 pages implemented in both HTML and PDF format (additional pages will cost $100.00 each)
  • 40 data fields (additional fields will cost $20.00 each)
  • Hosting the form On-line for 12 months

Note. Pricing may change. It is OK to change your mind and request changes to the forms for additional fee before the instrument is published. GST will be added to the amounts when work is performed for Australian Clients. The pricing is applicable to the DC Portal® Shared Managed Service. Up to 1000 responses per year are allowed for this package. In addition to the above we could provide sourcing of potential vendors and their notification, advanced art work, requirements analysis, result set analysis and presentation.