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  • Electronic Voting Systems (e-Democracy).
  • Collect information from potential customers. What products/services they would like to see on the market.
  • Collect information for Different Application Forms (Enrolment, Loan Applications, other products and services applications).
  • Collect information from staff members (new ideas, possible improvements, identify weak areas, job satisfaction, etc.).
  • Collect customer feedback on products/services provided. How to improve, what is good, what is bad.
  • Conduct various on-line tests.
  • Conduct research about potential goods/services.
  • Use it as a collaboration instrument in large organisation. Respondents are members of staff or external resources participating in a given initiative.
  • Collect information from potential suppliers. Support a tender process.
  • Collect information from suppliers. See what product/service they provide at what price and of what quality.
  • Collect information from different groups of people (User Groups, Industry Bodies, Class mates, Relatives, etc.).
  • Refresh Customer Details for the CRMs that are not yet WEB enabled.

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